Online Radio vs. Online Video Consumption, April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Online Radio vs. Online Video Consumption

Online video has been the subject of a fair amount of research of late, and is certainly worthy of the attention. But, Edison Research and Arbitron would like to remind everyone that there’s something else out there called online radio, and among users, it’s far ahead of online video in terms of weekly consumption. According to the researchers’ study, self-reported time spent per week is about 3 times higher for weekly online radio listeners (11 hours and 56 minutes) than for weekly online video viewers (4 hours). And the gap’s only getting bigger.

For example, last year, online radio listeners reported spending about 7-and-a-half hours more per week than online video viewers (9:46 versus 4:20). Rewind back to 2008, and the gap was less than 4 hours (6:13 versus 2:20). Between 2008 and 2013, weekly online radio users report increasing their weekly consumption by 343 minutes, compared to 100 minutes for online video viewers.

Naturally, one might question online radio in terms of reach, and online video does take the lead in this regard. That is, survey respondents (aged 12 and up) were 30% more likely to say they had watched online video “last week” than to have listened to online radio (43% vs. 33%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.