Mobile Search Behavior By Daypart [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic - Mobile Search Behavior By Daypart

For its “Mobile Search Moments” report, released on Wednesday, Google and Nielsen asked 426 consumers to log their mobile searches over two weeks in a diary smartphone app, followed up each mobile search with an email asking for the results of that search, and then conducted an exit survey at the end of the study.

There were a couple of counter-intuitive findings. First, mobile devices may be replacing desktops as the preferred search tool: 77 percent of mobile searches taking place during the study period took place at home or at work. Respondents seemed to find it easier to pick up the phone for a search than to sit down at a desktop or even fire up a tablet. Nevertheless, 59 percent of mobile searches occurred after 3 p.m., with 22 percent taking place from 8 p.m. to midnight, when people are more likely to be at home or on the go. Read the rest at ClickZ.