In-Stream Video Ad Response Rates By Gender, 2012 [TABLE]

Table - In-Stream Video Ad Response Rates By Gender

An analysis by AdoTube of more than 9,500 in-stream video ad campaigns and nearly 13.5 billion impressions from across the world last year reveals that men responded more to ads than women, with a 17.6% higher click-through rate (CTR; 2.81% vs. 2.39%), an 8.4% higher engagement rate (3.11% vs. 2.87%) and a 3.3% higher completion rate (62% vs. 60%). The study also reveals that there was little gender difference in responsiveness to overlays, but that men were far more engaged with full-stream units.

Of course, the results differed by vertical. For example, females had a 28% higher CTR than males for CPG content, a 19% higher CTR for fashion content, and an 11% higher video completion rate for retail content.

Men proved more responsive to verticals such as gaming (52% higher CTR and 35% higher engagement rates), sports (56% higher engagement rate) and electronics (17% higher video completion rate). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.