Data-Driven Decision-Making, April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Data-Driven Decision-Making

Only 32% of marketing professionals from around the world claim to be highly effective at engaging with individual customers, while even smaller percentages feel confident in their ability to identify and capture new markets (25%) or uncover new insights to generate additional business value (23%). These findings are from a new IBM study [PDF] that suggests that many marketers are limited in their analytical sophistication, basing their decisions more on past experience than prescriptive analytics that can improve their outcomes.

Grouping the respondents into 3 broad categories, the survey reveals that a plurality 40% are “traditional marketers,” described as “venturing into predictive modeling on a small scale, but generally lack[ing] the organizational clout and deep, prescriptive insights to effect broad-scale change.”

Close behind, 37% of respondents are termed “constrained analysts,” who are either “struggling to move into more prescriptive analytics and modeling,” or whose scope hasn’t moved outside of marketing and sales. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.