Yahoo!'s Display & Search Advertising Revenues, 2011-2015 [CHART]

Chart - Yahoo!'s Display & Search Advertising Revenues

Last year, Yahoo! saw net US ad revenues grow for the first time in several years—to $3.18 billion—and eMarketer now estimates the company will see further growth of 3.2% to $3.28 billion in 2013.

The revised figures come after Yahoo!’s search revenues came in far higher than expected in Q4—a sign that management restructuring and investment may continue to propel search revenues higher than previously estimated.

eMarketer now estimates net US search ad revenues at Yahoo! will grow 7% to $1.23 billion this year, up from $1.15 billion in 2012. eMarketer previously forecast that net US search revenues at Yahoo! would reach just $1.16 billion this year. Read the rest at eMarketer.