Top Multi-Platform Properties, February 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Top Multi-Platform Properties

Including mobile audience counts into a web property’s total audience makes a significant difference to reach and rankings, according to comScore, which yesterday launched its Media Metrix® Multi-Platform, designed to provide unduplicated accounting that incorporates smartphone and tablet audiences. Among the top 50 properties, 9 saw incremental reach of at least 50% above the desktop-only reach last month when accounting for mobile audiences, with Twitter (+54%) and Pinterest (+53%) among those properties.

By comparison, Facebook’s incremental reach was 20% and LinkedIn’s 18%. Twitter has cropped up a couple of times recently when considering mobile audiences. Earlier this month, Experian revealed that it was among the top 10 most-visited mobile sites during the week ending in February 23. Last month, Twitter released its own data on “primary mobile users,” indicating that they are 86% more likely than average to visit the site several times a day. Despite Twitter’s reach seeing a significant boost from inclusion of its mobile-only audience, it did not benefit as much as others. Groupon (+223%), Zynga (+211%) and Pandora (+183%) all saw triple-digit percentage gains from mobile. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.