Mobile Website vs. App Traffic, March 2011-March 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Website vs. App Traffic

A recent study from Compuware found that 85% of mobile application users prefer them to the mobile web, primarily as a result of convenience and speed. Now new data from Jumptap suggests that mobile app traffic has grown considerably, at the expense of the mobile web. According to Jumptap’s mobileSTAT report, apps represent 84% of the network’s mobile traffic, up from 69% a year ago, and 45% 2 years ago.

Jumptap attributes the rise not only to the “speed and brows-ability” offered by apps, but also by the increasing volume of them available.

Separate results from the study indicate that the iPad remains the dominant tablet, with 57% of device traffic this month, ahead of the Galaxy Tab (16%), Kindle Fire (16%), and the aggregate of all others (11%). By next year, though, Jumptap expects the picture to change, forecasting the iPad to decrease to 50% share and Kindle Fire to 10%, while the Galaxy Tab grows to 25% market share. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.