Types Of Streamed Mobile Video By Device, January 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Types Of Streamed Mobile Video By Device

As the number of mobile video viewers continues its steady climb, it’s becoming increasingly clear that not all users behave in the same way. One example of this can be found in a survey of mobile viewing behaviors conducted by the The Rovi Corporation. When Rovi looked at how viewing behavior changed on mobile phones vs. tablets, striking differences emerged.

When asked what content they watched on mobile devices, phone and tablet viewers agreed on the big picture: The top three kinds of content for both users were movies, user-generated content (such as YouTube videos) and TV shows. But the difference lies in emphasis: Tablet viewers were much more likely than mobile phone viewers to prefer feature-length movies and TV shows. Mobile phone viewers were more likely to watch user-generated content. Read the rest at eMarketer.