Product Videos As Online Shopping Aids, March 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Product Videos As Online Shopping Aids

57% of online shoppers agree that they are more confident when they watch a product video in advance of making a purchase online, and therefore less likely to return the product, details Invodo in a study conducted by the eTailing group. That 57% represents an almost 10% rise from 52% who responded that way in the previous year’s survey. Also rising was the proportion who say they have more confidence in the purchases they make after they watch related onsite videos, from 51% to 55%.

Some of that increase may be related to an overall rise in the percentage of shoppers who are watching product videos. In this latest survey, conducted in late 2012, 35% of respondents said that they watch product videos “most of the time” (21%) or “all of the time” (14%) when they encounter them on retail or brand manufacturer sites. That’s up from 27% in the 2011 study. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.