Effectiveness Of Small Business Technology Tools, March 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Effectiveness Of Small Business Technology Tools

96% of small business owners say that technology is extremely (72%) or somewhat (24%) important to them in marketing their organization, per results from a Constant Contact survey. Asked to evaluate which tools are more effective at engaging existing customers and which are better at attracting new customers, respondents were split rather evenly on the effectiveness of social media marketing – with most saying it’s equally effective for attracting and engaging customers.Looking at the tools best used for attracting customers, 53% said daily deals are more effective for customer attraction and 51% said the same about online ads. That may be why a recent study from BIA/Kelsey found about half of SMBs surveyed planning to participate in a daily deal, as those respondents also reported devoting more of their marketing dollars to customer attraction than retention.

In general, respondents to the Constant Contact survey indicated that the various online advertising methods (social media ads, online ads, web listing sites) were better for attracting than engaging customers, a fairly intuitive result, although many saw them equally effective at both goals. Also rather logically, email marketing was seen more as an engagement than customer acquisition tool, as were loyalty systems and CRM tools. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.