US Pharmaceutical Marketing Spending By Channel, 2012 [TABLE]

Table - US Pharmaceutical Marketing Spending By Channel

Pharmaceutical companies in the US face the ongoing challenges of a new regulatory climate and expiring patents for several blockbuster drugs. Research company Cegedim Strategic Data found that US pharma firms had reduced their overall promotional spending by 8% year over year to $26.35 billion total in 2012. eMarketer, meanwhile, estimates that digital ad spending in the US by the healthcare and pharma industry will reach $1.19 billion in 2013 and climb to $1.33 billion by 2016.

Cegedim found that pharmaceuticals were backing away quickly from print advertising, for which spending dropped 44%, as well as direct-to-consumer advertising, which saw a 22% decline. In fact, direct mail was the only channel for which spending increased, growing by 16% to $1.16 billion. Read the rest at eMarketer.