Mobile Web Traffic By Device & Country, February 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Web Traffic By Device & Country

An analysis of more than 100 billion visits to more than 1,000 websites across 8 major markets worldwide by Adobe Digital Index reveals that for the first time, tablet traffic exceeded smart phone traffic in February 2013 (8% and 7% of page views, respectively). Adobe attributes the result to higher engagement from tablet users, who view 70% more pages per visit than smart phone users, and notes that each country analyzed saw its share of tablet traffic double during 2012.

Among the countries tracked, the United Kingdom had the highest share of tablet traffic (12.2%), driving it also to the highest overall mobile share of traffic (19.6%). Next in line, the US, at 16.5% share, with the majority of that (9.1% overall) from tablets. Other markets sporting a higher share of traffic from tablets than smart phones were Canada (8.7% vs. 6.8%), France (6.1% vs. 3.5%), and Germany (5.7% vs. 4.3%), while the opposite was true in Japan (7.4% vs. 9.2%) and China (3.1% vs. 5.9%). Smart phone and tablet share of traffic are almost equal in Australia (7.8% and 7.7%, respectively). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.