Mobile Internet Use By Device Type, 2011-2013 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Internet Use By Device Type

Tablets accounted for just 7% of traffic on the Jumptap network in 2011, half the share accounted for by feature phones, according to the latest MobileSTAT report. But that quickly changed last year, as tablet share of traffic more than doubled to 18%, and feature phones plummeted to 4% share. With feature phone advertising fading rapidly, Jumptap’s forecast for this year calls for tablets to cannibalize share of internet traffic from smartphones. Indeed, while they’ll continue to dominate mobile web traffic this year, Jumptap predicts that the share of network traffic accounted for by smartphones will decline from 78% to 70%, while tablet share will grow from 18% to 29%.

A recent study from Millennial Media revealed a very similar device make-up on its platform. In 2012, according to that report, smart phones accounted for 75% of impressions, tablets 20%, and feature phones 5%. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.