Marketers' Perspective Of Agency Specialization, March 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Marketers' Perspective Of Agency Specialization

About 3 in 4 marketers think that it’s somewhat (47%) or very (31%) important that the agency they hire specializes in their industry, per survey results from RSW/US. Luckily for agencies, though, the threshold for being considered an industry specialist is not too demanding. That is, roughly 6 in 10 marketers surveyed believe that an agency need only have 50% or less of their business focused on an industry in order to be considered a specialist. In fact, only 1 in 10 marketers said that agencies need to devote more than 75% of their business to a specific industry to be considered specialists.

That’s good news for agencies because they tend to specialize in multiple industries: among the 8 in 10 who report having a specialty of some kind, an overwhelming 84% said they specialize in at least 2 industries. In fact, almost two-thirds report specializing in at least 3. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.