American Millennial Teens' Attitudes Toward Offline vs. Online Advertising, February 2013 [CHART]

Chart - American Millennial Teens' Attitudes Toward Offline vs. Online Advertising

They may be digital natives, but American teens don’t fancy everything digital. According to data provided to MarketingCharts from a new study from Research Now and K&A BrandResearch, American teens strongly favor offline over online ads across a variety of measures. The respondents were presented with several statements about ads and asked whether each statement applied more to online ads (such as on Facebook, search engines), more to “real-life” ads (such as those on the TV, radio, posters, and magazines), or whether the statement didn’t apply. The results indicate that online ads have a long way to go in winning over teens.

In terms of likability, offline ads were easily preferred by respondents. For example, when asked which ads really get on their nerves, teens were twice as likely to point to online than offline ads (45% vs. 23%). They were even clearer in their assessment of which ads they try not to pay attention to, with 48% choosing online ads against 21% choosing offline ads. In terms of the ads they like to watch, 37% opted for offline compared to 17% for online. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.