Latinos Identities, February 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Latinos Identities

Latinos are increasingly aspiring to be equally Latino and equally American, according to [PDF] a study by EthniFacts and LatinWorks, called the “PLUS+ IDENTITY.” While 9 in 10 online survey respondents said they are proud to be Latino and that being Latino feels very natural and comfortable to them, two-thirds also said their desired identity is in what the researchers call the “ambicultural” middle, in which they fully embrace both the Latino and American sides of their identities. The researchers refer to this as “cultural rerouting.”

The 66% who aspire to am “ambicultural” identity represent a 50% jump from the 44% who describe that as their current identity. The shift towards a more balanced identity means that just 7% want to be “more American” (down from 15% who see themselves as currently being that way), and only 27% want to be “more Latino” (as opposed to the 41% who currently see themselves that way). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.