Chart - Americans' Most Popular Movie Genres

Action and adventure movies are the most likely to draw a crowd of moviegoers, finds Nielsen in newly released data. Asked the types of movies they like to see most in theaters, 61% of American moviegoers chose action and adventure flicks, with comedy (50%) rating as the second-most popular. While action and adventure films get the nod from all races and ethnicities, the data shows that some genres appeal more to some groups than others.

For example, looking solely at the genres represented by the 2013 Academy Awards Best Picture nominees, Nielsen finds that African American moviegoers (aged 12 and older) are 26% more likely than the average to name action and adventure as their favorite genre (77% vs. 61%), and 28% more likely to enjoy seeing dramas (41% vs. 32%).

Hispanics are the most likely to want to watch a musical (19% vs. 12%) and a romantic comedy (37% vs. 31%). Caucasians, meanwhile, are least likely to gravitate towards action and adventure movies (58%), while Asians are least likely to gravitate to dramas (29%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.