Media Spend Efficiency By Channel, Q4 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Media Spend Efficiency By Channel

Social vastly outperforms portals, networks, and exchanges in ad reach efficiency – a measure that refers to their ability to reach exclusive users at the lowest cost – finds a study from Aggregate Knowledge. The study, which analyzed more than 35 billion impressions across Q4 2012, found that social performs 2.8 times better than the indexed average on this measure. While exchanges were the cheapest channel when taking only cost into account, they dropped off when factoring in the ability to reach users absent on other channels.

Ads on social were also well above the average in their ability to consistently reach high-quality users. Aggregate Knowledge describes its “user quality index” as measuring “a channel’s ability to reach a user that can be marketed to consistently.” Social performed almost twice as well as the average in this regard, with portals (index of 108) also above-average. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.