Most Memorable 2013 Super Bowl Ads [TABLE]

Table - Most Memorable 2013 Super Bowl Ads

Analysis of the Super Bowl ads continues to pour in. With an average of 108.7 million viewers for the game, per Nielsen’s tally, brands certainly had an opportunity to reach a huge audience. So which brands fared best? Which ads were tweeted about most? Did advertisers experience any post-game lift? This article rounds up and distills the research surrounding the performance of the Super Bowl commercials.

First off, a look at the 10 most memorable commercials of the Super Bowl, according to Nielsen’s analysis. Using this measure, Doritos’ 30-second “Goat 4 Sale” wins out, with a general recall index of 138, meaning that it was 1.38 times more memorable as the average Super Bowl ad this year. Close on its heels, Taco Bell’s 60-second “Goodnight Mr. Goldblatt,” with a recall index score of 137. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.