Facebook Ad Metrics, Q4 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Facebook Ad Metrics

After falling by 40% between Q2 and Q3, the cost of advertising on Facebook in the US dropped by another 37% in Q4, details TBG Digital in its latest quarterly report. Attributing the drop to higher adoption of “Desktop + Mobile Newsfeed” ads – which tend to be cheaper than other ad types – TBG notes that average cost per click (CPC) is now lower in the US than in the 4 other major markets analyzed, each of which also saw a drop in CPCs.

As advertisers became more focused on newsfeed ads (both on desktops and mobiles), click-through rates (CTRs) increased, as these ads generally perform better than those that appear on the right hand side panel. To that end, ad engagement grew by 25% quarter-over-quarter in the US, while France saw the most rapid rise (103%). Canada (+3%) and the UK (+1%) were more or less flat. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.