Location-Based Mobile Campaigns By Strategy, 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Location-Based Mobile Campaigns By Strategy

new study from Verve Mobile [PDF] looks at trends across 2,500 mobile campaigns run on its location-based mobile ad platform in 2012, examining the different strategies taken by advertisers. The study notes that 36% of the campaigns leveraged geo-aware (14%) or geo-fenced (22%) strategies in 2012, more than double the proportion from 2011 (17%). While that indicates a greater level of expertise in targeting approaches, the primary strategies remained DMA (30%) and audience (24%) targeting.

The study also analyzes how different verticals used location-based targeting, finding that restaurant (43%) and retail (32%) were the most likely to use geo-aware and/or geo-fenced strategies, while political (73%), auto (70%), and telco (69%) advertisers gravitated towards targeting based on DMA/Zip/Zip+4. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.