Consumers’ Savings From CPG Coupons, 2008-2012 [CHART]

Chart - Consumers’ Savings From CPG Coupons

Despite a steady amount of CPG coupons distributed by marketers in 2012, US consumers redeemed 17.1% less coupons than in 2011, according to a study from NCH Marketing Services. Total consumer savings on CPG coupons declined by $800 million in 2012, to $3.7 billion, representing an 17.8% decrease. The decline comes after 3 consecutive years of increases, but savings in 2012 remained above 2008′s total of $2.9 billion. The year-over-year decline can be attributed not only to declining redemption volume, but also to lower attractiveness, as the average face value distributed and redeemed each dropped by 2 cents (to $1.53 and $1.27, respectively). Additionally, multiple purchase requirements rose from 27% to 29% of all coupons, and the duration of the average offer declined by more than half a week.

CPG coupon redemption volume dropped across all retailer formats in 2012. Redemption volume at drug stores declined the fastest (-26.5%), followed by grocery stores (-18%) and mass merchandisers (-16.2%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.