Texting Prospects, January 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Texting Prospects

Leads360 has released a new study examining the impact of text messaging in the sales process. The study, which analyzed almost 3.5 million lead records from more than 400 Leads360 customers across a variety of industries, found that while the use of text messaging is linked to above-average conversion rates, it also could have a negative impact. Specifically, the conversion rate of prospects texted only after a relationship has been developed was 112.6% above the average conversion rate of contacted leads. But for those prospects contacted by SMS only before a relationship had been developed, the conversion rate was 4.8% below-average.

For those prospects contacted by SMS both before and after phone contact, the conversion rate was 19.6% higher than the average for contacted leads. The data indicates that texting can have a positive impact on the sales process, but that prospects respond better after initial phone contact has been made. In fact, the study also found that sending a text to a prospect prior to contacting the prospect on the phone decreased the likelihood of ever contacting the lead by 39%. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.