eShoppers' In-Store Experience Expectations, January 2013 [CHART]

Chart - eShoppers' In-Store Experience Expectations

Retail e-commerce has been growing at a rapid rate, although recent research from Ipsos indicates that most Americans still prefer to shop in-store. Even so, to digital shoppers, there are various ways to make the in-store experience more satisfying. Within the “Digital Mass Market” – a group comprising 8 in 10 shoppers, characterized by their willingness to use digital sources to help them shop – 60% are demanding greater value than they were a couple of years ago, according to survey results from Cisco.

Next up, a slight majority (53%) report that compared to 2 years ago, they’re seeking more price visibility, while 46% want more access to promotions. Also of importance, roughly 4 in 10 want greater information access (40%), ease of shopping (39%), faster shopping (37%), and a wider range/assortment of items (36%). Looking at this wish list suggests that these shoppers want the in-store experience to more closely resemble the online experience for research and savings: recent survey results from Wanderful Media found mobile-toting shoppers preferring the customer experience in-store, but saying that online is better for product information, inventory search, and savings. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.