Search Engine Advertising Market In The US, UK & France, September 2012 [TABLE]

Table - Search Engine Advertising Market In The US, UK & France

It turns out there might be a 1% when it comes to paid search, too. According to a study released by AdGooroo that examined the US paid search market in September 2012, a fractional 1.1% of advertisers generated 80% of clicks on Google. Those same advertisers accounted for an estimated 78.8% of total AdWord spend, too, according to the report. Expanding the study, the researchers indicate that the same pattern of dense concentration held true for the UK and France, as well as on Bing US. However, the methodology of the study has been questioned by another researcher.

Looking at the US figures, AdGooroo recorded 775,000 advertisers on Google in the US in September 2012, and estimated the number of paid search ad clicks to be at 844 million for the month. The researchers concluded that 675 million of the clicks were generated by only 8,332 advertisers (such that 1.1% of the advertisers accounted for 80% of the clicks.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.