Mobile Rich Media Ad Pricing, Q4 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Rich Media Ad Pricing

Mobile rich media ads have cited for their benefits by Opera Advertising, Celtra, and MediaMind, but a new report from MoPub questions their efficacy during Q4 2012, finding that rich media ad units on its real-time bidding exchange received higher eCPMs throughout the quarter, but did not always get correspondingly higher click-through rates. For example, in December, while rich media units received 40% higher eCPMs than non-rich media units ($1.16 vs. $0.83), their average click-through rate was only 18% higher (1.3% vs. 1.1%).

In October, while sporting a 27% higher average eCPM, rich media ads did not have a higher average click-through rate (CTR). Only in November did rich media units have a greater lift in CTR than in pricing. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.