Purposes Of Retailers' Mobile Strategies, January 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Purposes Of Retailers' Mobile Strategies

A survey of 93 qualified retail respondents by RSR Research finds that 86% strongly agree (47%) or agree (39%) that the purpose of their mobile strategy is to enhance their overall brand. But, as RSR notes in its report, separate responses from the survey suggest that while well-meaning on that front, retailers aren’t yet acting on that goal. Rather, they appear to be treating mobile as an add-on: indeed, 85% agreed that the purpose of their strategy is to serve as an extension of their existing e-commerce offering.

Part of the problem seen by RSR is an underestimation of the influence that mobile has on the consumer path to purchase, as 52% of respondents believe that mobile influences that path less than 25% of the time. In fact, according to August 2012 research conducted by Sterling Brands and Ipsos on behalf of Google, 2 in 3 respondents (who own smartphones and PC) report using multiple devices sequentially to shop online, with the path to purchase beginning on a smartphone for 65% of those respondents. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.