Retail mCommerce, 2011-2016 [CHART]

Chart - Retail mCommerce, 2011-2016

Mobile devices had a strong influence on the 2012 holiday season, and look set to continue that momentum through this year and beyond, according to a forecast from eMarketer. The forecast sees retail mobile commerce sales reaching $38.4 billion this year, up 56% year-over-year, and equaling 15% share of all retail e-commerce sales. The firm predicts that mobile commerce will only grow its share of the retail e-commerce pie in the next few years, up to 24% in 2016.

Much of that growth will be fueled by tablets. According to eMarketer’s estimates, whereas in 2011 smartphones accounted for the majority of mobile commerce sales, tablets took over last year (56.2% share), and will represent 62.5% share of sales this year and 70.3% share in 2016. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.