US Fan Concentration & Top Facebook Brands, January 2013 [CHART]

Chart - US Fan Concentration & Top Facebook Brands

The brands with the most fans on Facebook see a majority share of those fans residing outside the US, according to an analysis of Socialbakers data. Socialbakers recently launched local fan counts in their Facebook Page statistics, providing geographic distribution data for each of the brands it tracks. Aside from Walmart, an outlier with 95% of its fans concentrated in the US, none of the other top 10 brands by current Facebook fan size have a majority share of their fans in the US. That’s despite 9 being headquartered in the US.

While the geographic distribution of brands’ fans may mirror their sales distribution, it’s interesting to note the variety in their composition. Just two (Starbucks – 49%; iTunes – 45%) have more than 40% of their fans concentrated in the US. By contrast, Americans account for just 22% of total fans for Coca-Cola, the top brand. Coca-Cola, with its wide geographic distribution of fans, has been one of the fastest brand movers on Facebook of late, picking up almost 2 million fans in November and October alone, per monthly Socialbakers data tracked by MarketingCharts. Those fans are spread all over the world – with the largest representations after the US being in Brazil (13%), Mexico (8%), France (6%), and Argentina (5%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.