Chart - Top Degrees For Social Media Jobs

In the era of social media, an education in communications (77 percent) or public relations (76 percent) is most highly valued (respondents were allowed to click multiple answers). Marketing trailed with 65 percent. Sorry, English majors: Only 20 percent felt all those hours you spent poring over “Beowulf” made you a better candidate, compared with 42 percent for journalism.

Ragan/NASDAQ OMX survey of 2,714 online respondents ranged from self-employed consultants to corporations of more than 50,000 employees. Organizations of more than 1,000 constituted 28 percent of the total; the vast majority were under 1,000, and 23 percent worked for organizations employing fewer than 25.

Respondents from the corporate world composed slightly more than 58 percent of the total. Nonprofits numbered 23 percent, while 7 percent came from government agencies or departments. About 11 percent answered “other.” Read the rest at Ragan.