Number Of Employees Working Exclusively On Social Media [CHART]

Chart - Number Of Employees Working Exclusively On Social Media

Among those who do have a dedicated team, about 42 percent have just one person shoveling coal into the social media locomotive’s firebox. Another 40 percent have staffs of two or three. About 9 percent report teams of four to six people, and a similar percentage say their team numbers exceed six.

Ragan/NASDAQ OMX survey of 2,714 online respondents ranged from self-employed consultants to corporations of more than 50,000 employees. Organizations of more than 1,000 constituted 28 percent of the total; the vast majority were under 1,000, and 23 percent worked for organizations employing fewer than 25.

Respondents from the corporate world composed slightly more than 58 percent of the total. Nonprofits numbered 23 percent, while 7 percent came from government agencies or departments. About 11 percent answered “other.” Read the rest at Ragan.