Family Facebook Behavior: Children Friending Parents [CHART]

How do children and parents become friends on Facebook? Who sends the friend request? The chart below shows the percentage of parent-child relationships that were initiated by the child, based on the age of the child.  From ages 13-17, the child is more likely to send the initial friend request. Over 65% of friendships between 13-year-olds and their parents are initiated by the child. But the older the child is when the friendship is formed, the less likely the child is to be the one sending the friend request, with the likelihood bottoming out  at 40% for children in their early to mid-twenties. Then the probability of the child initiating increases again, eventually reaching 50% by their mid-40s. This overall trend follows the rough arc of children seeking distance from their parents as they prepare to leave the nest, and then gradually gravitating back as they accomplish their own milestones in life. Read the rest at Facebook.

Chart - Family Facebook Behavior: Children Friending Parents