US Net Mobile Display Ad Revenue Share By Company, 2011-2014 [CHART]

Chart - US Net Mobile Display Ad Revenue Share By Company

Facebook is now expected to earn more mobile display revenue than any other mobile publisher this year thanks to its ability—more or less—to redistribute revenue from mobile to desktop, eMarketer estimates. The social networking company is set to garner an 18.4% share of the US mobile display advertising market this year.

Still, Google’s mobile display business is also growing quickly and the company will earn $315 million in US mobile display ad revenues, driven primarily by the underlying strength of its AdMob network and its pre-existing relationships with advertisers looking to extend their display efforts to mobile devices. As a result, Google’s share of US mobile display advertising will reach 17% this year—higher than all but Facebook. The bulk of future growth for Google’s mobile display business, eMarketer predicts, will come from mobile monetization of YouTube. Read the rest at eMarketer.