Americans By Ethnicity & Race, 2012 vs 2060 [CHART]

Chart - Americans By Ethnicity & Race, 2012 vs 2060

Of the major races and ethnicities in the US, Hispanics are by far the youngest on average, with 40.1% under the age of 21 last year. According to the latest projections from the US Census Bureau, that’s not likely to change, as Hispanics will make up 38% of the under-18 population in 2060. Significantly, the projections also see Hispanics accounting for 31% of the total US population of 420.3 million in 2060, and the US becoming a majority-minority nation in 2043.

That is, while minorities now account for 37% of the US population, by 2060, they will comprise 57% share. (In this case, the term “minorities” is defined as all residents save for the single-race non-Hispanic white population.) No single group will be in the majority. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.