2012's Top 10 Facebook & Twitter Trends [TABLE]

Table - 2012's Top 10 Facebook & Twitter Trends

First Twitter, and now Facebook, have released their 2012 reviews, looking back at the people and events that generated the most buzz on their respective networks. The lists contain some predictable entrants, but are also interesting when compared to Google’s top search trends for the year, revealing that what people are searching for online, and what they’re talking about on social networks, aren’t always the same.

The Presidential election topped the list of US events that generated the most buzz on Facebook, followed by the Super Bowl, the death of Whitney Houston, Superstorm Sandy, and the London 2012 Olympics. While 4 of those made the top 5 search trends on Google in the US, their rankings were different, with Hurricane (or Superstorm) Sandy topping the list on Google, followed by the Presidential election, the Super Bowl, and the Olympics. Whitney Houston was the top search trend in the US, but was not classified as an event by Google, otherwise it would have topped the events list. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.