Top 10 Trending Google Searches Of 2012 [TABLE]

Table - Top 10 Trending Google Searches Of 2012

The February death of Whitney Houston made the singer the top trending search term in 2012, says Google in its Zeitgeist report, which studied an aggregation of more than 1 trillion searches (or queries) using data from multiple sources including Google Trends and internal data tools. Next on the list, Gangnam Style, the music video approaching 1 billion views on YouTube.

Events – both positive and negative – also made the list, with Hurricane Sandy in 3rd and Olympics 2012 in 7th. Tech also made an appearance, with the iPad 3 in the 4th spot.

6 of the top 10 search trends from around the world also appeared on the list of top trending search terms in the US. The remaining 4 in the US that didn’t make it onto the global list were Election 2012 (#3), Hunger Games (#4), Jeremy Lin (#5), and KONY 2012 (#10), which was the most viral video ad of the year. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.