Paid Content & Media-Related Tablet Apps By Media Type, 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Paid Content & Media-Related Tablet Apps By Media Type

eMarketer estimates spending on digital magazine ads will reach $3.14 billion this year, helping the magazine industry as a whole increase ad revenues by 2.6%. For newspapers, the picture is worse: $3.4 billion in digital ad revenues this year will not stanch print losses, and overall ad revenues will drop by a further 5.9% in 2012.

But ad support is not the only business model out there, and many magazines and newspapers have embraced a paid-content approach when it comes to tablet apps. Strategic planning firm McPheters & Company found in November that 62% of magazine tablet apps worldwide and 59% of newspaper tablet apps relied on a paid model. Overall, six in 10 media-related tablet apps were paid. Read the rest at eMarketer.