Consumer Interest In Interactive TV, December 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Consumer Interest In Interactive TV

Verizon has released new data from its “Borderless Lifestyle Survey,” exploring consumer attitudes to an always-connected lifestyle. Of the many findings, attitudes towards real-time interaction with TV shows prove particularly interesting, as emerging technologies provide another potential activity for so-called “second screeners.” Specifically, 35% of respondents indicated an interest in real-time games and challenges with shows via a second screen, and 32% expressed an interest in the ability to control or influence a TV show’s plot via a mobile phone or tablet. Beyond TV programs, more than one-quarter also said they’d be interested in real-time interaction with TV commercials from a mobile device.

These figures rise among a subset of consumers dubbed “borderless consumers.” According to Verizon, these consumers “use several devices and require connectivity, flexibility and choice whenever and wherever possible. They are defined as consumers who own a laptop or desktop, own a smartphone or tablet, have an internet-enabled device at all times, are motivated to make technology and connectivity upgrades, and are interested in the benefits of a connected home.” Read the rest at MarketingCharts.