B2B Lead Quantity & Quality By Channel, December 2012 [CHART]

Chart - B2B Lead Quantity & Quality By Channel

Despite marketers and consumers generally believing that traditional media is best for advertising, print, radio, and TV advertising campaigns are rated poorly for their lead generation capabilities, according to results from a Software Advice survey conducted in partnership with Eloqua and CMO.com.

Looking first at opinions on lead quality, just 4% of respondents rated leads generated from print, radio, and TV ads as high quality, tied with display/CPM advertising at the bottom of the list of 14 identified channels. On the other spectrum, 40% rated the leads generated by email marketing (house list) as high quality, with organic search (SEO – 36%), telemarketing/cold calling (35%), and trade shows and events (35%) also seeing a significant proportion rating their leads as high quality. That trade shows appear towards the top of the list confirms recent research finding that B2B content marketers rate in-person events highly for their effectiveness. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.