Americans By Race/Ethnicity & Age, 2011 [CHART]

Chart - Americans By Race/Ethnicity & Age

Of the major races and ethnicities in the US, Hispanics are by far the youngest on average, according to new figures released by the US Census Bureau. A whopping 40.1% of Hispanics were under 21 years old in 2011 – compared to 28.6% of the population as a whole. In fact, the median age of a Hispanic American in 2011 was 27, almost 10 years younger than the median 36.8 for the overall population. The “white alone” population counted as the oldest – with 40.2% aged 45 or older.

Looking more closely at the Hispanic population, the data reveals that almost 3 in 10 were aged under 15 last year, while a plurality (37%) were aged 21-44. Just 21.9% were aged 45 or older. These figures align with recent survey results from Scarborough Research, which found Millennials 49% more likely than the average to identify themselves as Hispanic. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.