Online vs. In-Store Price Perceptions, November 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Online vs. In-Store Price Perceptions

It looks like brick-and-mortar retailers will be battling a price perception problem these holidays. Some 46% of US consumers aged 20-40 believe that in-store prices are higher than those available online, while another 23% believe the prices are about the same, finds Accenture in new survey results. This perception is supported by research from The Conference Board that suggests a correlation between planned purchases of discounted gifts and the propensity to shop online.

Perceptions of price differences between the online and offline store are even stronger in the UK. According to Accenture, 59% of survey respondents from the UK believe physical store prices are higher than online prices. Only 18% think online prices are higher. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.