Global Tablet Shipments By Vendor, Q3 2011 & Q3 2012 [CHART]

According to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, the worldwide tablet market grew nearly 7% over the second quarter of 2012. Android sales skyrocketed, while Apple lost share. Although Apple’s slowdown was partly due to consumers waiting for the company’s late October launch of the iPad mini, the generous growth by Android’s Samsung tablet devices indicates that iPad alternatives should not be discounted.

The lower price points of Android devices might be a reason for the climb. According to IDC’s worldwide data, Samsung shipped 5.1 million tablets in the third quarter of 2012—up a hefty 115% from the previous quarter, and 325% from Q3 2011. Samsung soared while Apple slowed. Apple slipped from holding nearly 66% of tablet market share in the second quarter to 50.4% in Q3. Read the rest at eMarketer.