Paid Alternative Television Venues, February vs. September, 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Paid Alternative Television Venues

While Netflix remains the dominant provider of paid alternative TV services, Amazon Instant Video is gaining traction with consumers, according to survey results released in November by ChangeWave Research. Among respondents who watch paid internet, TV, and video content, 82% in September said they used Netflix, down slightly from 84% in February. During those 7 months, though, the proportion saying they use Amazon Instant Video grew by almost 30%, from 17% to 22%.

The difference is more stark when looking back over a longer period of time. In December 2010, ChangeWave found that 91% paid for online video content from Netflix, compared to 7% from Amazon. So, in less than 2 years, the proportion paying for Netflix has dropped by 9% points, while those paying for Amazon has grown by 15% points. Interestingly, though, this trend may not be related to satisfaction ratings: 23% of Netflix subscribers are very satisfied with the service, compared to 22% of Amazon Instant Video users. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.