Effects Of Social Customer Service, October 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Effects Of Social Customer Service

Effective social care (being customer service through social media channels) fosters strong customer loyalty, finds NM Incite in a new report released October 2012. Among customers who have sought a social care response, 71% of those who experienced a quick and effective response say they are likely to recommend a brand or company, versus just 17% who had an effective but slow response. 33% would recommend a brand or company that offered a quick but ineffective response, and 19% would still recommend a brand or company, even without a social response.

Would those customers use social care again? 70% would after a quick and effective response, reveals details from NM Incite’s “State of Social Customer Service Report.” They seem more forgiving of an ineffective response than a slow one; 41% would use social care again after a quick but ineffective response, while 30% would use it again after an effective but slow response. 17% would try again, even after no response by a company. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.


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