Chart - Online Video Subscription Services Market Share

Although cord cutting may be playing a significant role in some consumers downgrading and cutting their cable TV services, TV viewers as a whole are upping their streamed content consumption compared to last year. found that 42% of US TV viewers watched more streamed content in 2012 than they did in 2011.

The survey found large gains in use of Netflix, iTunes and Movies On Demand subscriptions. To illustrate, 55% of US TV viewers used Netflix’s online streaming service in 2012, compared to only 36% in 2011. Movies On Demand nearly doubled in usage with 40% of TV viewers reportedly using the service in 2012. Amazon Instant Video, a newer player in the market, saw its service more than triple in usage—34% of TV viewers said they used the service in 2012, compared to only 10% in 2011. Hulu Plus saw similar gains. Read the rest at eMarketer.