Top Mobile Holiday Shopping Activities, October 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Top Mobile Holiday Shopping Activities

The holiday season is picking up steam, and studies continue to point to a significant role for mobile devices in the shopping process. Anywhere between half and four-fifths of smartphone owners plan to use their devices as shopping tools, depending on the survey, with the most common activities being to compare prices and find locations. The research also finds that consumers will put their devices to work in-store in a variety of ways.

It’s certainly not a surprise that consumers will be using their mobile devices as shopping companions this holiday season, as multiple studies have pointed to their growing role in retail throughout the year (here’s one such study on mobile’s influence on in-store sales). The latest research looks to quantify how common mobile shopping will be, and what key activities shoppers will perform. According to a recent Google and Ipsos survey, 4 in 5 mobile device owners (smartphone or tablet owners in this case) will use their devices to assist them in their holiday shopping. Among those who use a smartphone regularly, 45% will compare prices, 44% will find a nearby store based on their location, 39% will look for coupons, and 34% will read reviews. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.