Consumer Attitudes Toward Marketing & Advertising, October 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Consumer Attitudes Toward Marketing & Advertising

Ads should tell a unique story rather than just try to sell, agree 73% of US consumers. That’s one in a series of findings [PDF] from Adobe and Edelman Berland on consumer attitudes towards marketing and advertising. Respondents were presented with 17 statements about marketing and advertisements and asked with which they agree. Two-thirds agreed that a video is worth 1,000 words and that user product reviews are the best source of truth. Also, 51% agreed that beautiful advertising is more effective.

About two-thirds agree that TV commercials are more effective than online ads, which is likely tied in with TV being a better-suited medium for story-telling than many online formats, such as search and display ads. Still, 27% believe no-one watches TV commercials anymore, which, to be fair, could be viewed as a low percentage. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.