Chart - Top 10 TV Programs By Cost Of 30-Second Spot, 2011-2013 Season

NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” commands the highest average price for a 30-second spot, reports Ad Age. Its pricetag of $545,142 for 30 seconds is 60% higher than that of the second-place “American Idol,” broadcast on Fox on Wednesday nights. In the 2011-2012 season, “Sunday Night Football” and “American Idol” were about dead even. But while the SNF price jumped from $512,367 last season, “Idol” plunged from $502,900 to $340,825 this year. And, its Thursday night results show is down from $468,100 to $296,002. Still, ad prices peak for “Idol” in its final weeks and have reached more than $1 million for its season finales.

This year, ABC’s “Modern Family” comes in at third ($330,908), ahead of Fox’s “New Girl” ($320,940), and “American Idol” again for its Thursday broadcast ($290,062). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.