Table - Types Of Political Videos Voters Watch Online

Pew Internet asked about six specific types of online video content related to the 2012 election campaign and found that, among registered voters who go online:

  • 48% watch video news reports about the election or politics
  • 40% watch previously recorded videos of candidate speeches, press conferences, or debates
  • 39% watch informational videos online that explain a political issue
  • 37% watch humorous or parody videos dealing with political issues
  • 36% watch political advertisements online
  • 28% watch live videos of candidate speeches, press conferences, or debates

All told, two thirds (66%) of internet-using registered voters have watched one or more of the above political videos online during this year’s campaign. Voters who have given “quite a lot” of thought to the election are especially likely to watch political videos online. Some 73% of these individuals have watched online political videos this election season, compared with 45% of those who say that they have been following the campaign less closely. Read the rest at Pew Internet.