Chart - Preferences For People vs. Automated Sales

However efficient the automated sales process might be, 7 in 10 global adults (with Americans right on that average) would rather interact with helpful, friendly customer service (meaning live people) than have an efficient, automated sales experience, according to new data released by Ipsos in November. An automated process could be, for example, online, via a smartphone or through an in-store kiosk. On a global basis, women are more likely than men to prefer the live sales experience (73% vs. 67%).

Part of the preference for live sales help is that consumers feel they are more successful in accomplishing their tasks this way. In a NICE Systems survey of US, UK, and Australian consumers regarding their interactions with several service providers, respondents reported being successful in accomplishing their tasks 71% of the time when contacting a representative via phone, compared to 65% of the time when using a service provider’s website. Close to 3 in 5 respondents said they try to bypass the automated phone system to reach a live representative, while more than one-quarter (31% among Millennials) said they are likely to get frustrated and hang up. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.